Power house

The power house was built in 1926/1927 before the actual elevator was built. In this way, construction work could continue without interruption even in the event of a power failure. Later the power house was responsible for the emergency power supply of the elevator. However, the clinker brick building had to give way to the new elevator and was implemented. In addition to the display system with the old generators, the power house also houses the tourist information. Information on other tourist points of contact can also be obtained there.

The power house may only be entered by people with face and nose protection. The signs on site must be observed.

Krafthaus Außenansicht

Opening hours

April to October
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


+49 (0 333 62) 71377




Lieper Schleuse 6
16248 Niederfinow

Maschinen im Krafthaus mit Gästen

Display system

Visit the power house and marvel at an interesting piece of technological history. The special thing about the engines is that they are at a particularly early stage in the development of stationary engine construction.


Curious? Here you will find a few impressions of the show system.

Krafthaus Steuerung
Maschinen im Krafthaus mit Gästen
Maschinen im Krafthaus von oben